Paul & Anne

Buddy & Georgia,

It has been said (don't ask by whom) that the worst customers are the ones who don't say anything. If so, then I want to be known as a great customer. I have been very pleased with the professional and personal representation I have had with Buddy and Georgia Edwards. They have not only been great realtors but also good friends. Buddy and Georgia have made it a point to do more than just guide me through the series of steps and details regarding buying and selling homes. They have made me feel comfortable, secure, and confident. Why? Because they know what they are doing. They have been in the real estate business for years-but more important, they have been establishing relationships their whole life. Good selling is more than a contract built on dollars and cents. Good selling is about establishing relationships for the long term. It is also about relationships that are built on the cares and concerns of family, friends, and the customer. Buddy and Georgia care. That not only makes good cent$ - it also makes doing business with Buddy and Georgia good sense.

Paul and Anne

Judy & Gary

Georgia & Buddy,

Gary and I wanted to thank you (know this is late) for selling our house to quickly back in March. Even though we are friends, everything was kept very professional when it came to marketing my house. There were times when I was impatient, but you both always managed to sit down with us and explain all the necessary details about what it takes to sell a house. I know you both spent countless hours making sure lights were on, calling us so that we always knew when someone was coming over to look, and holding open houses. You both definitely went above and beyond when it came to being great realtors. Please feel free to give our names as a reference. We will gladly tell anyone what a pleasure it was to work with Team Edwards. If I didn't thank you before for the lovely flower arrangment, then thanks for that too. It looks great in my big, beautiful home. Thanks for making everything happen so easily. It took a great deal off of our minds having the confidence that Team Edwards was dealing with it all.

Judy & Gary

Matt & Kate

Dear Buddy and Georgia,

Kate and I wanted to write to thank you so much for everything you have done for us while selling out home and helping us to find just what we were looking for in a new home. As we've said to you both before we did not think it was possible for realtors to treat their clients as well as you have treated us.

Please feel free to share this letter with any prospective clients or to share our number with them if they would like a personal reference.  Here are a few things we will share:

  • You sold our house in 3 weeks for more than I though we would be able to ask.
  • During the entire process you constantly communicated with us so we never had to wonder what was being done on our behalf.
  • You were extremely patient as we were looking for a new home.
  • When some things did not go according to plan we are convinced that having Team Edwards representing us made a huge difference.
  • Two of our personal friends have had similar experiences with you.

All of these things are great but the most important thing is you are two of the finest people we have worked with and we had the utmost confidence, at all times, that you were looking out for our long term investment in a home. We cannot thank you enough for everything.


Matt & Kate